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Once a month Tackley Methodist Church converts itself into a cinema, screening the best movies around and raising money for charity.

Friday, 27th October at 7.30 pm

In 1947, Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl crossed the Pacific Ocean in a balsawood raft , together with five men, to prove that South Americans could have settled in Polynesia, in pre-Columbian times.

Our film details the origin of the idea, the preparations, and the events on the group's epic 101 day-long, 5000 mile journey.

This month, our screening is supporting ......Two RED CROSS appeals.

South Asia Floods Appeal & Hurricane Appeal

Come and see this heart warming movie.

THANK YOU - for your contributions for the RNLI

Our License allows us to screen films without charging but prevents us from advertising the name of the feature directly on our website, however you can find out by contacting us.
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