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Oxfordshire Home of 'Reel' Entertainment
Once a month Tackley Methodist Church converts itself into a cinema, screening the best movies around and raising money for charity.

NEXT: GASP (Cert 12A)
Friday, 23rd March at 7.30 pm

The true love story of an adventurous couple, pioneering polio survivor Robin Cavendish and his wife, Diana, who refuse to give up in the face of that devastating disease.

Our film is heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure, where the “responauts” are treated as explorers with mountains to climb.

A triumph of joy over adversity. Come and enjoy this true story (Cert 12A).

This month, our screening is supporting ......

Supporting, Helping, and Empowering People who have had polio and are now living with Post Polio Syndrome.

Come and see this inspiring movie.

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Our License allows us to screen films without charging but prevents us from advertising the name of the feature directly on our website, however you can find out by contacting us.
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